Thursday 9 January 2014

EPFO Claims Better Services EPFO Activated on Many Fronts EPFO Created a Record in Claim Settlement and Grievance Redressal Progress Review of EPFO of the Month of December, 2013

Mr. K. K. Jalan, Central Provident Fund Commissioner stated that more than 95% of the claims have been settled in 20 days as compared to the statutory limit of 30 days. Out of these 30% claims were settled in just 3 days.

 He has also appreciated the offices of Ujjain, Vapi, Sagar, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Siddepet. Agra, Udaipur and Luxmi Nagar offices which have been able to settle 90% of claims within 3 days. He was with press reporters about the work of the Organisation for December, 2013 yesterday. 

Monthly pension to the 44 lakhs beneficiaries was sent by the 123 offices on the last day of the month and most of it was credited by the bank in the accounts of beneficiaries on 1st and 2nd of the January, 2014.

 The CPFC has cautioned the Regional offices as well as the banks wherever delay has occurred in timely crediting the pension to the beneficiaries’ accounts. 

EPFO continues to create records in the area of grievance redressal. 117 field offices out of 123 do not have grievance pending for more than a month. Further, 101 offices out of these 117 do not have grievance pending for more than 15 days. 

It was also stated that the EPFO has managed that SBI branches will now give the receipt of the cheques/other instruments which are presented at the bank branches so that any delay on the part of the bank branches to account for these instruments will not result into penalty on the establishments. 

EPFO has also issued offer of appointment to 240 Assistant Provident Fund Commissioners and the selection has happened after a gap of seven years. 

The CPFC also stated that the second Conference of exempted establishments held in Delhi resulted into much better interaction with the representatives of the establishments and as a result, EPFO would be launching the software to monitor exempted establishments on 12th January, 2014. 

In the meeting of Zonal Additional Central Provident Fund Commissioners during the month of December, 2013, the CPFC not only impressed upon service part but also desired that monthly meetings be held to review the compliance issues and directions were also issued to take care of the legal cases. 

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