Sunday 8 July 2012

Sports stadium at Suddhowala and Haldwani of international standard

Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Dinesh Agarwal has advocated constructing sports stadium at Suddhowala and Haldwani of international standard that could serve as models for others. He said that services of renowned consultant Company be taken to prepare the project.
Chairing the meeting at Vidhan Bhawan on Friday, Minister Agarwal said that quality be ensured in construction works of the stadiums. He also directed the officers to take final step in drafting the proposals for stadiums at five other places including in Srinagar, Pithoragarh, Champawat and Almora. He also asked the officers to finalize the draft of Open Ice Skating Rink at Auli. Mr. Agarwal suggested the officers to take ideas from other states in constructing the stadiums. Expressing his dissatisfaction over the pathetic condition of sports College at Raipur, he instructed the officers concerned to take necessary measures to improve its condition.
The meeting was attended by Principal Secretary Rakesh Sharma, Secretary Ajay Kumar Pradyot and other senior officers.

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