Saturday 21 July 2012

Enhancement of age of teachers in state institutions

The Cabinet today approved the proposal to relax the condition of enhancement of age of superannuation of teachers to 65 in state institutions for the implementation of the revised pay scales on the basis of 6lh Pay Commission recommendations and become eligible for receiving Central share of 80% of the arrear payment.
It also decided that reimbursement of 80% of the Central share of the arrears be paid in 2-3 instalments to those States who have already made the payment and submitted their proposals for reimbursements to the Central Government. 
The decision of Cabinet is expected to provide relief to teachers in State institutions with the payment of arrears. It will also benefit State Governments, who will be able to make the arrear payment in instalments and also claim reimbursements simultaneously. 
Following the revision of pay scales of Central Government employees on the recommendation of the 6ifl Pay Commission, the pay scales of teachers and other equivalent cadres was revised and age of superannuation was enhanced to 65 in December 2008. The scheme of revised pay scales was essentially for teachers in Central Educational Institutions. However, provisions of the Scheme could be made applicable by State Governments, to Universities and Colleges coming under the purview of the State Governments, provided the State Governments adopt and implement the scheme as a composite scheme, including the enhanced age of superannuation. 
The Central Government decided to provide financial assistance to the extent of 80% as reimbursement to those State Governments, which may opt for these revised pay scales for the period 1.1 2006 to 31.3.2010 The remaining 20% was to be met by the State Government from its own resources. The Central assistance was subject to the condition relating to the enhancement of the age of superannuation of university and college teachers to 65 years.
Many State Governments had requested the Central Government to waive the condition relating to enhancement of age of superannuation of teachers to 65 years as they were finding it difficult to accept the condition relating to enhancement of age of superannuation and the condition that the State Governments should first disburse the arrears and then seek reimbursement from Central Government to the extent of 80% of these arrears.

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