Saturday 14 July 2012

Dr. C.P.Joshi Meets CEOs of Automobile Manufacturing Companies & Heads of Testing Agencies

Dr. C.P. Joshi, Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways has said that road transport is meant to provide mobility to the people and the goods for economic activity, social interaction, educational pursuits and a myriad other activities. Chairing a Meeting with CEOs of Automobile Manufacturing Companies and Heads of Vehicle Testing Agencies here today, he has said that there are two basic elements of road transport: roads and vehicles. Roads are only a mean for movement of the vehicles. The ultimate aim is to have an efficient road transportation system for which the roads exist. His ministry is trying to accord road transport the high priority it deserves. 

Referring to such a useful meeting, he has said that the idea behind bringing these two together is to apprise the industry what all our test agencies have to offer, what their future plans are, where India stands in the World in terms of vehicle specifications and to know from the industry what more facilities they would like to be added in our test agencies to enhance R&D activities in the country leading to better safety of the vehicles, passengers and other road users, improve efficiency of the vehicles and upgrade competitive edge of our auto industry in the world market. 

Dr. Joshi has said that Road Transport is in the Concurrent List of Constitution of India, but the Constitution provides mandate to the central government to regulate the construction of vehicles from safety and emission points of view by framing appropriate legislation. So we have the Motor Vehicles Act enacted by Parliament and the Motor Vehicles and other set of Rules notified by the Central Government. 

He informed the participants that his ministry has launched a Portal to create a National Register of the Data Base of all vehicles and all driving licences in the country. The Ministry is setting up fully automated Vehicle Inspection and Certification Centres in various parts of the country. It is also trying to evolve a better system for testing and issue of driving licences. Many CEOs of Automobile Manufacturers and SIAM and Representatives of Testing Agencies attended the meeting. Secretary, M/o RT&H Shri A.K. Upadhyaya and senior officers of the ministry were present

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