Saturday 14 July 2012

DGCA Asks Airlines to Strictly Adhere to Safety Standards

All Airlines have been advised to strictly adhere to prescribed safety standards. Director General, Civil Aviation Shri Prashant Sukul reviewed safety issues in civil aviation at a meeting in New Delhi today with the CEOs and representatives of the Airlines. The major areas reviewed included fifteen point surveillance, operational issues and the recently conducted audit that included financial matters. The Airlines were asked to take action on the deficiencies pointed out. They were also asked to properly conduct the internal audit in a prescribed manner and to ensure that such systems get installed within their organizations. 

Among the operational issues, the Airlines were apprised of passenger complaints received in the DGCA and were asked to prominently display and include in their tariff sheets the convenience charges or charges for printing second ticket if levied by them. 

The issue of training came up prominently during the discussion. Strengthening of training facilities within the country was emphasized to meet timely training needs of pilots and other technical staff. Airlines were also asked to ensure timely payment of salaries to their staff

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