Tuesday 1 May 2012

National Dairy Plan to Meet the Projected Demand of 150 Million Tonnes by the End of 12th Plan: Shri Pawar

Parliamentary Consultative Committee Attached to Agriculture Ministry Meets 
25-April-2012 ,Shri Sharad Pawar, Minister of Agriculture and Food Processing Industries has expressed hope that the recently launched National Dairy Plan will be able to meet the growing demand of milk products. Addressing the Parliamentary Consultative Committee attached to his Ministry here today, he said that the demand for milk is projected at 150 million tonnes and 180 million tonnes by 2016-17 and 2021-22 respectively. Milk production with an annual incremental growth rate of 6 million tonnes per annum is needed over next 15 years to meet the growing demand of milk in the country, Shri Pawar further said. 

Higher GDP growth and growing incomes on account of various schemes of the government has led to rapid growth in demand for milk. Unless production increases at the required pace, there is a possibility of widening gap in supply of milk in future which can lead to increase in dependence on milk imports, said Shri Pawar. At present, with a production of 121.8 million tonnes, and an average incremental growth rate of 4.1 million tonnes per annum, India is world leader, the Minister added. 

The members discussed National Dairy Plan (phase -1) and issues related to nutritional level in fodder, enrichment of straw, availability of loans for dairy farmers, welfare schemes for them, support to women co-operative dairy plants, automation, need for awareness creation for better implementation of existing schemes. 

The National Dairy Plan (phase-1) was launched at Anand (Gujarat) recently. It involves total investment of Rs. 2242 crore and aims at increasing milk production by increasing productivity of milch animals and providing rural milk producers with greater access to the organized milk processing sector. 

The scheme is to be implemented in 14 major milk producing states – Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Kerala. These states collectively account for over 90% of country’s milk production. The scheme will be implemented by National Dairy Development Board through end implementing agencies comprising State Governments, State Livestock Boards, Cooperative Dairy Federations, ICAR Institutes and Veterinary/Dairy Institutes/Universities. Pattern of funding under the scheme will be 100% grant-in-aid for nutrients and breeding activities. Shri Harish Rawat, Minister of State for Agriculture was also present in the meeting. 

MPs who participated in the meeting are: Shri Dhruva Narayana Rangaswamy, Shri M. Krishnaswamy, Shri K Sugumar, Shri K.P. Dhanpalan, Shri Govind Chandar Naskar, Shri Kunvarjibhai Bavalia and Smt. Santosh Chowdhary of Lok Sabha and Dr. M.S. Swaminathan and Dr. K.P. Ramalingam of Rajaya Sabha.

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