Monday 30 April 2012

Training on Seismic Safety Assessment of Buildings for MCD Engineers

23-April-2012,In order to augment earthquake resilient infrastructure development in the country, there is urgent need to capacitate the engineers and architect with sufficient knowledge on the evaluation criteria and thereby come out with suitable option to reduce the risk. In view of the above the National Institute of Disaster Management, Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to conduct state level Training programme on “Seismic Safety Assessment of Buildings in Delhi by Rapid Visual Screening”, for MCD Engineers of Delhi from tomorrow. 

The four days training programme will be inaugurated by Lt. Governor Delhi, Shri Tejendra Khanna, and the function will be presided over by Vice Chairman, National Disaster Management Authority, Shri M. Shashidhar Reddy. 

This programme is the first of the series of trainings that have been planned in collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). A total of 300 engineers are proposed to be trained from various line departments such as MCD, NDMC, DDA, PWD and others. It is expected that this training will provide them with practical knowledge on building performance during earthquake, application of codes and building bye-laws. Attempts will be made to familiarize them with tools and techniques for evaluating seismic vulnerability of selected buildings in Delhi. 

The main attraction of the present training program will be to display those findings in the customised RVS software and making hands on exercise for trainees, along with some exercises in the field. A team from IIT-Kanpur will be conducting 3D laser scanning of some buildings at two selected sites in Delhi and another company from Bangalore will demonstrate fire safety assessments for building. A team of field engineers from a reputed company will be demonstrating Nondestructive strength tests (NDT) on selected buildings. These are some of the tools that Engineers must be familiar with, before declaring a building is structurally safe or dangerous. It is hoped that the trainees will be immensely benefitted with the proposed program.

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